A.S.D.A. – Speranza Cooperativa Sociale
Disabilities and work - More than a hope, a reality
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My abilities are stronger than my disabilities.

Robert Hensel

For years, we have been helping and supporting the ASDA-Speranza association and their work with and for adults with disabilities. We support their initiatives, we turn to them for datebooks and calendars as Christmas gifts, thereby providing them with work opportunities.

The “Cooperativa Sociale per Disabili A.S.D.A. - Speranza,” which is based in Busto Arsizio, was founded on December 2, 2016 as a result of the merger between “Casa Famiglia per Disabili Adulti,” founded in 1984, and the “Cooperativa per Disabili  Speranza,” founded in 1990.

The merger of these two organizations was in response to two specific, concrete objectives: the search for managerial synergy and the desire to offer more working opportunities to all the young man and women with disabilities.

One part of the building provides a residential area which can host up to 10 disabled adults, who are assisted by psychologists, counselors, health educators and other specialized personnel. 

Another area of the building is dedicated to work activities. With the help of volunteers, the disabled boys and girls use their time well and find satisfaction in their work. In this way, they improve their social relations and earn a modest salary.

The photocopy department is able to print photocopies in black and white and in color. It also prints theses for university students, pamphlets, flyers and class notes.

Services in cardboard packaging range from accessories for weddings and parties (invitations, party favors, place cards) to a vast array of accessories for the home and office (eg. boxes, folders, organizers, photo albums).


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