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Food & Beverage refers to the entire industry that deals with the somministration and distribution of food and drinks. An industrial universe in which coexist different realities, from large supermarket chains to small boutiques, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, restaurants, cafes, cocktail bars, hotels, tourist villages, B&Bs and the new e-commerce portals that sell the highest quality products, from the finest meats to the best wines in the world, also delivering door to door.

We are aware that F&B is a sector that has unique transport needs, which must be understood, known, and to which a forwarder must be able to respond with professionalism and competence:

1) Compliance with temperature, humidity, packaging, and safety conditions to ensure perfect maintenance of the product

2) Compliance with the required deadlines, especially when it comes to products to be sold during certain holidays (from panettone, to Valentine's Day chocolates), or in compliance with the deadlines of the product itself

3) Assistance and documentary control (very serious aspect) for both imports and exports, in order to always verify first, that the consignee is in possession of the required authorizations for the import of these products and that all the documentation attached and supplied by shipper comply with the regulations of the various countries of the world

Now, we don't want to make your mouth water, but we can really help you to ship everything: pasta, oil, wine, soft drinks, spirits, cheeses, cold cuts, chocolate, sauces, raw materials, truffles, mushrooms, honey, processed products, canned food, frozen food.


- We have a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles

- We have a cold room that can be set at the required temperature and powered by its own generator

- We offer advice for packaging solutions - boxes of all sizes of thermal insulation material, cooling material, thermal blankets, additional polystyrene layers

- We add, on request, data loggers to your shipments for constant temperature control

- Assistance and document control in Italy and abroad

- Possibility to load containers (reefer and dry) in our warehouse, also including the assembly of isokit and bubble kit if required

- We personally carry out the loading of wine containers, loading bulk cartons if required in MAXIMUM SAFETY. Each load can be photographed or even filmed with our go-pro service

- We have a dedicated and trained staff

- We are part of the WCA PERISHABLE worldwide network and this guarantees our customers the reliability of our logistics partners around the world

- We manage TIME CRITICAL shipments - also offering a Man On Board service if needed

- We offer warehousing, pick & pack and labeling services

Our goal: to help you guarantee the freshness, flavors and aromas of Made in Italy on tables all over the world.

  • Temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Cool room
  • Document controll
  • Warehousing, pick&Pack, labeling
  • Container loading
  • Data Logger
  • Packaging solutions
  • Dedicated and trained staff
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