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We have years of experience in the Project Cargo, working closely with engineering and developing the best solution for all phases of transport: analysis of the overall project, study of the packaging, dismantling operations and creation of the packing list, loading plans and container optimization, obtaining road transport permits, search for adequate air and sea spaces, customs procedures, on-site delivery and installation.

The work of our team begins with a careful study of the technical drawings, accompanied by an inspection to view the material.
We also allow ourselves to suggest the most suitable packaging depending on the shipping method and on request we can take care of it both by taking the bare material and transporting it to our packing company, and doing it on site.

Our experience and our ability allow us to have very close direct relationships with the best shipping and airline companies, with which we immediately begin to evaluate the different possibilities of loading both on vessels and flights, evaluating whether these services can be used or not.

if it should be necessary to study shipments on part or full charter vehicles, it is absolutely not a problem for us.

By air, we collaborate with international agencies for the chartering aircraft of different sizes and we have direct relationships with the airport authorities to choose strategic airports, also considering the proximity of the sender, the road conditions to reach the airports and the costs and reliability of the airport handlers.

As far as maritime shipments are concerned, we work with serious and professional shipowners who own fleets that limit sulfur emissions into the atmosphere to 0.5% as per IMO Regulation which came into force in January 2020. These same shipowners are able to offer us the most varied types of ships in Italy and in the world.

We take care of the request for road permits in case of oversized or overweight goods (we remind you that in Italy the standard time frame for obtaining permits is about 20 working days).


In 2023 we joined WCA PROJECT network.

Our team will work for you and with you to find the best solution.


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  • Vessel and aircraft charter
  • Road permits
  • Ad hoc packaging
  • Engineering consulting
  • Documents assistance
  • Loading plans
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