Defence and Law Enforcement
Security & Professionalism
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The Defence and Law Enforcement industry requires careful planning, specific skills, knowledge and very high levels of security.

Our specialized team provides the best solutions for the transport of both Civil / Sports (SWP) and Military (MUW) weapons, Ammunitions, Cartridges, also including the transport of vehicles (regular or armored) including Helicopters, Drones, Aircrafts.

We are one of the most specialized companies in ITALY for transportation of explosive and pyric materialsDGR CLASS 1 – and of Radioactive materials DGR Class 7.

We regularly arrange shipments of explosive materials Iata Forbidden by charter flights, for which We are able to obtain the exemption from ENAC.

We offer transportation also for general cargo delivery, always destinated to Military or Paramilitary Institutions: military boots, sleeping bags, treaction cleats, axes and uniforms.

Some of our services:

  • Check documents and permits required by Prefecture, Police Headquarters, M.A.E., Enac, Customs and Ports
  • Assistance during all import-export customs procedures (even temporary)
  • Armed escort service when required
  • Contacts with the best international air and sea chartering agencies
  • Support in the activity of domestic transports
  • Obtaining road permits


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