People make the difference
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At Vector, we strongly believe that creating an inclusive workplace and a diversified and empowered team are the key to good business growth.

In a world of services, it is people who make the difference, and it is essential that our co-workers can express their full potential, spend their working time in a welcoming place, in an inclusive and serene.

We have implemented many actions to respect the dignity of all, fight prejudice and discrimination, promote work-life balance and contribute to the well-being of our people.

We respect the dignity of every person, and we strongly condemn any discrimination based on age, sex, race, political opinions, and / or any other personal characteristics, without exception.

We adopt behaviours based on personal fairness, avoiding any situations in which conflicts of interest may arise.

We reject any forms of forced labour or child labour; we do not tolerate human rights violations, including the employment and trafficking of illegal workers, even by our stakeholders.

All our people are hired with regular contracts, following national’s rules. We have clear policies for corporate benefit and corporate welfare.

Depending on the job profile, we activate Smart Working procedure; we grant the flexibility of entry and exit times, and we have added 8 hours of extra permit for family commitments.

Woman empowerment and gender equality are important to us: we guarantee equal pay for men and women, the same career opportunities, and personal growth. As proof of this, 70% of company managerial positions are held by women.

We have compiled job descriptions for each company position. This allows our people to have a clear understanding of the skills required and the functions to be performed, but also to be able to self-assess themselves in a career path, reflecting themselves in the job descriptions of the higher functions.

In recent years we have invested heavily in improving our infrastructures and offices with the aim of making the workplace more comfortable and quieter:

  • Huge investment for the realization of new offices that provide approx 6 square meters per person to ensure a healthier and less cacophonous environment, well exceeding the minimum limit of 2 required by the law.
  • Creation of a multipurpose room to be used for yoga, gymnastics, etc.
  • Sun terrace
  • Canteen room with a small area for ​​the company library
  • External courtyard adjacent to the canteen for outdoor dining
  • Free coffee machines and water points in all Vector buildings
    Our Co-worker can use all spaces in extra-work hours also to organize private events, aperitifs, dinners


We constantly invest in the training of our people, fulfilling all the courses required by law and role (first aid, fire prevention, specific training for the management of dangerous goods, pharma product training, etc.); we also organize courses that help develop personal soft skills and hard skills.


HARD SKILLS development

  • Job Rotation: literally, the rotation of staff within the company, and the coaching of collaborators of one department to collaborators of a different department; the objective of the job rotation is the development of transversal skills, the strengthening of working relationships and collaboration between employees;
  • Warehouse training: employee visits to the warehouse department, accompanied by the warehouse manager; the objective is the deeper knowledge of the shipping process and the structure of the Warehouse department;
  • ULD course
  • Excell courses
  • Language courses
  • Sales courses
  • Sector events organized by third parties (eg fedespedi)


SOFT SKILLS development

  • Group and individual coaching program
  • OxyLab - course on conscious breathing
  • Woman empowerment courses
  • Communication courses
  • Training on Diversity Inclusion issues
  • Workplace harassment and unconscious bias course


The first aid and firefighting courses were open to more people than the number required by law. This is to meet the needs of individuals who may be interested in this type of training, regardless of their role in the company.

We carry out an annual survey to verify the degree of corporate well-being and the assessment of reports, Team Managers and Department Managers.

Annual interviews are organized with HR department with the scope of ascertain the state of individual well-being within the organization, face any critical issues and reflect on the individual objectives of our collaborators.

These are followed by interviews between HR and Team Leader and interviews between HR and Department Managers to address the dynamics that emerged during the interviews and develop strategies that take into account the business and well-being of the people within the organization.

Finally, meetings are organized between Management and Managers in order to align themselves with company objectives and critical issues and opportunities.

We ask our people to actively participate in the improvement of the Vector at 360 ° by participating in transversal working and thinking groups

• Innovation group

• Diversity Group

• Digital Transformation Group

• Management meeting


  • Inclusive workplace
  • Diversified and strengthened team
  • Continuous training
  • Job Description
  • Corporate Welfare
  • Corporate Benefit
  • Smart working
  • 8 extra hours for Worklife balance
  • Flexible hours jobs
  • Women Empowerment
  • Gender equality
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Annual Survey
  • Transversal working groups
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