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It excites us to be able to speak in-depth about our mission, our goals, the ability to emphasize the importance of the activities we do for and with disabled people. It also gives us renewed energy to carry through with our commitment, with the hope of being able to find support and appreciation for our efforts.

Polha Varese

We have been joyously sponsoring and supporting the Polha-Varese swimming events for several years, helping to give disabled young people the opportunity to enjoy this sport.

POLHA-Varese is an association founded in 1982 through the desire of some disabled youth who wanted to play sports just like other people their age.

Over the years, their commitment has broadened and become more structured. It is not limited to mere endorsement and organization of sports activities for the disabled.

In fact, the organization has become known for its timely presence throughout the area in all things pertaining to disabilities: at workgroups, conferences, forums, schools and various initiatives sponsored by public entities and other associations.      

Open to dialogue and collaboration through social media, they are continuously engaged in teaching and raising public awareness.

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