A revolution in the maritime sector
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Good ideas come by chance.

Albert Einstain

20 ft, 40 ft, high cube, flat rack, open top, hard top, reefer, platform...   Just how many types there are? And what are their sizes?

To the side, you can find a simple table for checking the minimum and maximum container dimensions (and no, they're not all the same size!), which we hope will be of use to you.

But first, let us share a bit of trivia that not everyone knows. The concept of a container was actually invented in 1956 by a man named Malcom Mclean, an American transport entrepreneur. One day, sitting in his truck, while waiting for his goods to be loaded on board, he thought to himself, "It would be easier to load the entire truck onto the ship rather than loading just a single load".
From there, an idea was born that would in a few years' time revolutionize international maritime shipping.    

Who wouldn't like to have had an idea like that, at least once? 

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