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In January 2019 we proudly joined Valore D.

Valore D was founded in 2009 by twelve managers from twelve highly-respected companies: AstraZeneca, Enel, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, Intesa Sanpaolo, Luxottica, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, Standard & Poor’s, UniCredit and Vodafone.

Today, the association has over 190 member companies in Italy with more than 2 million employees. These numbers illustrate Valore D’s tireless commitment to promoting gender balance and an inclusive culture in organisations and across the country. We know for a fact that these factors, when foregrounded, produce innovation, competition and therefore growth.

While achieving these results presents many challenges, Valore D’s integrated approach is a winning one thanks to its ability to provide businesses with effective tools and to establish a dialogue among companies and with institutions.

Not by chance, our data shows that the dialogue among companies encourages mutual growth and optimises employee potential: 50% of the managers who have participated in Valore D’s mentorship programmes have experienced career progress within 18 months, while 87% of our member companies have launched corporate wellbeing plans to promote wellness among employees and their families. Moreover, 74% recognised the fundamental role played by Valore D in implementing an effective inclusion plan within their companies.

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