Learning by doing
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Ever since I started working at Vector, not a day goes by that I don't go home having learned something new.

Sea Export Department Operator

Training and sharing our knowledge is very important to us.

For this reason, every year we organize a day of training in which we visit an Italian port, such as Genoa or La Spezia, thanks to the help of our customs brokers at these locations.

It's an important experience for everyone, not just for those who work in the Sea Department (import/export), but also for our staff who work in the Sales, Air, Administration and Warehouse Departments.

It's an opportunity for us to learn more about our work and our colleagues' work, and to get a chance to meet our suppliers.
It's also a chance for us to realize the operations and the difficulties, by experiencing firsthand those things that we usually only understand from our position at the office, in front of a computer.

Here is a mini-gallery of our visits.


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