Associazione Genitori ed Amici di Omossessuali
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In coherence with the policies of inclusiveness that we are implementing at our company, we support the activities of AGEDO in their fight against homophobia and their work in creating a culture of awareness and acceptance, particularly in the school environment.

AGEDO is made up of parents, relatives and friends of homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals, who are committed to affirming their civil and personal identity rights.

AGEDO wants to give help and support to those parents who have learned of their son or daughter's homosexuality and suffer because of their difficulty understanding and accepting it.

The World Health Organization, most psychologists, psychiatrists and physicians are in agreement with the belief that being homosexual is neither a choice nor a sickness, but rather a condition that can and must be lived serenely, since homosexuals have the right to live a life of dignity.

Through their efforts, they wish to put a stop to the discrimination, injustice and intolerance that gays and lesbians are subject to, so that they acquire equal rights, freedom and respect just like everyone else.

Their intent is that no one has to needlessly suffer anymore due to ignorance about a phenomenon and associated faults that do not exist.

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