Varese Pride
Standing together for equal rights
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In 2018 and 2019, we sponsored Pride di Varese, a demonstration promoted by Arcigay Varese, supporting equal rights for people of the LGBT community.

Arcigay is the leading Italian non-profit LGBT association, with the largest number of volunteers and activists in Italy. Since 1985, Arcigay has fought for equal rights, self-determination and the elimination of stereotypes and prejudice against Italian LGBTs, as well as against all types of discrimination.     

Arcigay Varese LGBTI, Comitato Territoriale Arcigay delle Province di Varese e Como, is an association of social advancement committed to creating the conditions for well-being, the full actualization and coming-out of every gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual person, while fighting against all types of prejudice, discrimination and violence.

It is also active in building a democratic lay world in which individual freedoms, as well as civil and human rights, are recognized, encouraged and guaranteed, without discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or any other type of personal and social condition.

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