Cooperativa Sociale Smart ONLUS
With and for young people
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Let's stop focusing on the negatives! Let's help young people face their strengths rather than constantly remind them of their weaknesses!

President Cooperativa Smart

We honestly believe that the young people are our future, and we like to support initiatives that work for, and especially, with them. And an example of these is the Cooperativa Sociale Smart ONLUS.

Cooperativa Smart works to build professionalism, thereby improving employment levels for youth in the social services sector. 

The Cooperativa Smart accompanies the youth throughout their educational experience, building their skills and transforming them into real opportunities for the future through space management, events organization, personalized training courses, social reintegration activities and development of specific projects.

In order to counteract the typical stereotypes too often used in social service spheres, the cooperative works with a diametrically opposed approach by focusing on the abilities of the individual. It encourages dynamics, which develop the strengths and the abilities of the participants and the beneficiaries. In this way, it is possible to prevent difficult social situations and promote healthy dynamics and results that are useful for the community.

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