Towards decarbonization and ISO 14001 certified Company
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Vector's attention to the environment began in 2013, the year we started to work to obtain the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification.
ISO 14001 is not mandatory; however, it is the result of our specific choice to establish, implement, maintain and improve ours environmental management system. Certification was obtained in October 2014.

In autumn 2017, we began an internal inspection called “Project Paperless” to reduce unnecessary paper waste.

In 2019, in order to reduce the use of plastic, we bought for all our employees a cup and a water bottle.

We issue our internal policy to reduce our impact on the environment, with a list of good practice we can act inside and outside the office.
Moreover we started to sustain Treedom: we planted 30 trees in two African states (Kenya & Camerun).  More details about this project at this link: https://www.treedom.net/it/organization/vector

In February 2020, following our paperless’ policy and the big struggle Australia’s been into during the first part of 2020 we decided to respond to Treevotion’ call: together with our employees  we made this happen, planting 200 trees in one of the most devastated areas of the planet and sustaing Treevotion’ goals:

-panting and conserving 1 bilion trees in the most needed areas of the Planet

-building global awareness of deforestation and reforastation.

Last but not least, we’ve wanted to compensate our paper’ consuption in 2019 and reduce our carbon footprint.

Since 2019 we are working on our decarbonization: we map the impact of our direct activities, offsetting emissions with the purchase of UN certified carbon credits. At the same time, we have activated policies aimed at reducing our emissions and protecting the environment such as: the progressive conversion of our car fleet into hybrid and electric, the purchase of energy from renewable sources only, the digital transformation, the use of recycled paper, the EPP (Environmentally Preferable Products) policy aimed also at our suppliers (for example, eco and equo products for cleaning and snack areas), the installation of solar panels, the birth of the figure of the Mobility Manager.

2019 = 486 ton CO2 
2020 = 310 ton CO2

2021 = 239 ton CO2
2022 = 276 ton CO2

In 2021 begins the partnership between Vector and Re-Cig, a company that has designed a unique service in Italy, relating to the collection and recycling of cigarette butts (CER 20.03.99). Some SMOKERS POINTS customized with the company logo are installed and the units will be periodically emptied by authorized personnel.

Re-cig guarantees:

  • transport of waste to an authorized establishment with a vehicle registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers;
  • waste recovery according to a patented process;
  • issuing a six-monthly report on the quantities of waste collected and recycled.

For its part, Vector will take specifically advantages from this path:

  • be a promoter of a Green philosophy;
  • ethical choice of allocating waste to a virtuous recycling process;
  • to be at the forefront in the world of ecological conversion of companies and Green Marketing

In 2022 we calculated the water use of our offices for the year 2021, equal to 1,149,750 LITERS, and thanks to the collaboration with WA-MI we helped an NGO based in Sri Lanka to connect A.Mahendhiran's family to the water network. Mahendhiran works in the Nordwood tea plantation. We have thus become WATER EQUAL OFFICE. 

  • Decarbonization
  • Water Equal Office
  • Paperless Project
  • Environmental Brochure of Good Practices
  • Treedom - company wood in Camerun e Kenya
  • Treevotion - 200 trees planted in Australia
  • Epp Policy
  • Electric and hybrid car fleet
  • Recycled paper
  • Digital Transformation
  • Solar panels installation
  • Mobility Manager
  • Iso 14001 Certified
  • Purchase of energy from renewable sources
  • Partnership with Re-Cig for cigarette butts disposal
  • Corporate Bottle and cup
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