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The pharmaceutical industry requires the highest standards in safety and quality and we know it very well.
We have obtained Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Certification in 2018.

We have a dedicated highly-specialized team, GDP certified, that will assist you and will take care of your shipment step by step.

We will ensure the cool chain from pick-up to destination, using reefer trucks, active or passive solutions for air shipments and reefer containers for sea shipment. We can provide a variety of passive solutions to maintain constant temperature ranges appropriate for the products to be shipped.

In 2020 we joined WCA PHARMA network and this allowed us to ship everywhere in the world with the help of trustfull and professional partners. 



  • We keep our sop updated to monitor our Cool Chain process closely
  • We can guide you to find the best packaging solution for your product (eg. gel pack, green ice, blue ice, dry ice including data logger) if requested
  • We have our own fleet of reefer trucks equipped with GPS
  • we prefer to use airlines that provide Cool Dolly at the time of loading because that’s the  ultimate solution to guarantee the unbroken Cool Chain on the ramp as we value your product
  • we do the extra mile to make sure the goods have no issue upon arrival, therefore we check all the documents carefully before executing your shipments
  • In many cases final cnee is also involved actively b because they are ctc by the airlines directly to get the so called “OK TO FORWARD” which will speed up the procedure.



Most of Airlines accept 3 temperature range as Passive shipments
-20°C – FROZEN
+2/+8°c – COOL

Active container capacity:

RKN – 1 Pallet 120x80 or 120x100
RAP -  5 pallets. 120x80 or 4 pallets cms. 120x100


SEAFREIGHT SOP – Keep the cool-chain under our control is our aim

  • We worked up internal  SOP that must be followed  step by step in order to keep the cool chain always under our control
  • Precarriage and delivery of the cntr are effected ONLY by trucking companies nominated by us. This allowed us to have a better control upon temperature, ventilations, and humidity datas.
  • We always ask for port interchange docs when containers enter the port
  • We double check booking datas with shipping lines
  • We work only with partner all over the world that are Pharma Specialist
  • We suggest, when possible, to use shipping lines that has new generation container
  • We keep our client always updated on their shipments
  • We suggest putting DATA-LOGGER exactly in the middle of the pallets, and not on top of them or next to container’s walls



  • Reefer containers reach the desired temperature in 30 minutes
  • If they switch off, the temperature inside the cntr change (plus or minus) of 1 c° / day (in standard conditions)
  • Always put the goods on pallets, this permits to the air to circulate inside the container
  • Reefer container capacity:
    20 reefer : 10 pallets 80x120 or 9 pallets 100x120 (h.max 180)
    40 High Cube Reefer: 23 pallets 80x120 or 20 pallets 100x120 (h.max 210)
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