Our ongoing Standard implementation
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Implementing careful security procedures has become the “sine qua non” by which forwarders can work, thereby guaranteeing careful, effective and rapid service. It's a factor that will acquire ever-increasing importance in the near future. In the domain of security, the operators in our sector can play a key role in control and surveillance. At Vector, we have decided not to economize in this area, by embracing Europe's latest regulations regarding security.

We are among the first to invest in resources such as an X-ray machine for the inspection of goods going out via air. Our staff have been trained to follow all necessary procedures required by the competent authorities. In addition, our warehouse is fully-equipped with closed-circuit video cameras, and it is continuously monitored by a third-party security team.

Thanks to our careful and constant inspection, we have obtained ENAC Certification, providing the highest standards of security in our sector.

All of this, in addition to being an important responsibility within our community, means that we reduce the risk of theft and damage to our clients' goods.

All of our trucks are equipped with GPS, and the drivers and warehouse staff are required to have periodic health checks.

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