Intercontinental transport: the Italian specialists
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We never say it's impossible

Roberto Buttà, President

"We never say it’s impossible”: are the words making a show at the Vector central offices, as well as on its website, embodying the corporate concept: satisfy all the various customer demands, proposing ad hoc solutions and options.

“Forwarding and international intercontinental transport by air and sea is Vector’s core business. We are in the top 15 listed companies in the panorama of over 400 sector enterprises – multinationals included – and are amongst the first 5 still Italian and not multinational”, begins Roberto Buttà, president, whose right arm is his son Andrea, business development manager,  already perfectly at home in the corporate management.  

A dynamic  enterprise, Vector, growing rapidly and which, thanks to a winning strategy, has been left untouched  by the crisis.


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