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Vector was founded in 1978 with its head office in Busto Arsizio, outskirts of Milan, and began operating in the International Freight Forwarding and Logistics sector.
In two years, it obtains its I.A.T.A. Licence.
In 1990 the company completed the new computer operational system, guaranteeing a faster, streamlined and more efficient service to the customers.
In 1991 Vector changes its legal business status and becomes Vector S.r.l., ( Limited Liability Company), in 1998 it again changes to Vector  S.p.A. ( Limited Share Company) and, in the same year, it becomes the sole official Italian member for I.A.S.A. ( International Air Shipping Association), and obtains its ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certificate.
In 2002 the company moves to the present headquarter, still in Castellanza, Varese, with 2000 square meters of bonded warehousing facilities together with  spacious and modern offices.
A new sales office opened in Turin at the beginning of  2005 and, two years later, the company installs an in-house X-RAY machine for screening the airfreight cargo, which enables Vector S.p.A to fulfill completely all I.A.T.A. and Italian Airport security regulations  without outsourcing this service. In 2011 it's one of the first Italian forwrders to achived AEO certificate.In 2012 we compleate the renovation of the office, creating 20 new workstations.In 2014 we get two important certifications ISO 14001 sustainable business attitude and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series